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Family Tree Doctor looks at your genealogy data by way of an imported Gedcom file and shows you a wide assortment of areas which may need your attention.

The Doctor will show you such things as individuals who: 1) are missing surnames; 2) are missing birth or death records; 3) have unusually long life spans indicating that there may be an error in their birth or death dates; 4) have birth, marriage or death records for which there are no sources cited.

The Doctor will also: 1) show you where there are consanguineous relationships; 2) list localities in order to allow you to check for spelling errors and consistency in how they have been recorded; 3) show you married women you have listed with the same surname as their husband's resulting from such entries as 'Mrs. Anderson'; 4) show you married women who have the same maiden name as their husband's surname, as verified by comparing his surname to her father's surname.

To Get Started:

  • Go to your genealogy program and export your genealogy data to a Gedcom file.
  • Load that Gedcom into the Family Tree Doctor by clicking on "Choose File" in the upper-right corner of this page, browsing to your Gedcom, selecting it and clicking "open".
  • Then click on "Load Selected File" and watch as the file is parsed and a complete list of all the individuals in the Gedcom, along with some additional data, are listed on your screen. They will be sorted in order of the I.D. numbers assigned by your genealogy program.
  • From there you will be able to do a 'Summary' of selected filters or select filters individually to explore special situations.
  • In many cases, explanatory notes will appear in the 'Special Notes' window, to help you understand what is displayed.

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