Robert Venter's Family Genealogy

My six Ancestral Lines.


These pages contain the results of my more than twenty years of genealogy research. They trace the ancestral lines of my six ancestors who immigrated from Europe. Each originated from a different locality as indicated below. The Family Origins map shows these specicfic locations.

  1. Johann Venter, my paternal grandfather, was born in the town of Roth, just outside of Meisenheim, located in the present-day state of Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany. The location of Roth can be found on this map or you can see an aerial view.
  2. Elisabeth Weinig, my paternal grandmother, was born in the town of Westheim (b Hußfurt), located near the Main River in northern Bavaria.
  3. Jean Baptiste Deutsch, my mother's paternal grandfather, was born in Sarrebourg, in the Lorraine region of France.
  4. Marie Madeleine Boell, my mother's paternal grandmother, was born in Schiltigheim, a suburb of Strasbourg, France.
  5. August Johann Weigold, my mother's maternal grandfather, was born in Auerbach, now a section of Bensheim, in the state of Hessen, Germany.
  6. Margaretha Liebermann, my mother's maternal grandmother, was born in Untersiemau, a small town just south of Coburg, located in the northern part of the state of Bavaria, Germany.

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